Geo204 - Geographic Techniques



This course was created in the mid-1990's to be a foundation course for all subsequent techniques courses in Geography.  The course is now required for all majors and minors.

Course Description -- Introduction to geographic methodology and techniques with an emphasis on development of skills in analyzing geographical data. Credit Hours: 3. Prerequisites include Geography 100, 135 and 150 or concurrent registration required

General Objectives -- This course is designed to introduce students to the principles of geographical inquiry. They will learn to view the world from a unique geographical perspective that links the location of phenomena on the earth's surface to the underlying factors influencing their location. This course seeks to give students an understanding of the types of questions geographers ask about the world around them (i.e., methodology) and the tools that are employed in seeking answers to those questions (i. e., techniques). This course stresses the relationship between geographical methodology and techniques, where they will gain a clear understanding of not only how certain techniques are applied, but also why they are used in the solution of particular geographical problems.

I taught the course for many years, but retired in summer 2005.  However, I have retained material related to the subject and that may be in use by others.

Census and Choropleth Maps are treated on these pages

Topographic maps and related activities with such maps are addressed here

Slope Zone maps that can be derived from paper topographic maps or Digital Elevation Models