James R. Carter, Ph.D.

Below is a selected list of my involvement on graduate committees, grants and contracts and conferences, as well as presentations and exhibits that I have organized.

Graduate Theses, Dissertations, and Research Program Committees

In the Geography Departments I have served on committees and directed programs in: Climatology, Computer-Assisted Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, Groundwater Studies, Regional Studies, and Remote Sensing.

I have served on graduate committees of students in the Departments of: Computer Science; Ecology; Economics; Educational Administration and Foundations; Electrical Engineering; Environmental Education; Forestry and Wildlife; Geology; Planning; Plant and Soil Science; Political Science; and Water Resources.

Grants and Contracts:

1974 - From the Learning Research Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a Mini-Grant to develop a slide-tape presentation on the isoline, $200.

1977 - From the Graduate School, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a summer internship to visit a number of cartography programs and to work towards the construction of a small atlas of the state.

1978 - From the National Science Foundation, a LOCI grant to develop an instructional unit "Introducing some Basic Principles of Thematic Maps," $13,000.

1980 - UTK Faculty Development Fund Grant to support attendance at the 1980 SIGGRAPH Conference and visits to selected cartography programs in the northwestern United States, $565.

1980 - Principal Investigator, U.S. Forest Service Contract to do Hydrologic Response Unit Mapping in Cherokee National Forest, $12,600.

1983 - Principal Investigator, Liberal Arts College Faculty Development Award of $10,000 to purchase and integrate additional computer graphics hardware for cartographic/remote sensing research.

1984 -UTK Faculty Development Fund Grant to help fund travel to Australia and the International Cartographic Association Conference, $1000.

1984 -Principal Investigator, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Planning Commission, to create digital Park Planning Units, and modify the regional DIME file, $10,188.

1988 - UTK Faculty Development Fund Grant to help fund travel to Budapest, Hungary, and the International Cartographic Association Conference, $2,000.

1995 - Principal Investigator, "Expanding the Presence of Geographic Techniques in the Geography Undergraduate Curriculum at Illinois State University," National Science Foundation ILI-IP Grant, $25,000.


Selected list of Professional Activities outside the university Attendee of Harvard University, Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis 2-week "Intermediate Course in SYMAP," May 1967.

Organized and directed Workshops in Automated Cartography for the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. March 1979, Washington, D.C.; June 1979, Detroit, MI; September 1979, Sioux Falls, SD; November 1979, Reston, VA; February 1981, Washington, D.C.; March 1983, Washington, D.C.

Hung an Exhibit on World Map Projections, Campus Religious Center, Normal, Illinois, 1994 - 1997

Organized the session and moderated the three presentations on "A Severe Weather Network," GIS in Illinois Conference, Arlington Heights, IL, Nov. 8, 1994

Co-organized and moderated two sessions on Map Use at the Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers, Charlotte, NC, April 13, 1996


Selected List of University Activities, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1972 - 1990 Co-creator of the exhibit "Concepts of Weather," McClung Museum, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Fall-Winter, 1977-78.

Designated as one of the scientists in the University of Tennessee Science Alliance Program, 1984-85, to build cooperative programs with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In Spring 1985, designed and configured a micro-computer based geographic information systems laboratory with an ERDAS image processing system, a high resolution graphics system using Artist-One Software, a medium resolution Vectrix system, various vector digitizers, and a laser-disk system.

Chair, Committee on Computing, Faculty Research Council, 1985 - 88. As part of the process, visited and reported on the computing environments of Indiana University, University of Florida, University of Minnesota, and Virginia Tech.

Organized and coordinated the ACM-SIGUCCS Review of the University of Tennessee Computing Center, February 1986.

Member of the Peer Review Team to study and report on the Nuclear Engineering Department, University of Tennessee, 1986. Also, a member of the Mid-Cycle Review of the same program April 1989.

As a representative of UTK I was sent to the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Dec. 1986, to review the computing environment on their campus. I spent more than a week reviewing their academic and administrative programs and wrote a report recommending ways of improving the management of their computing environment.

Member, Chancellor's Campus-wide Computing Study Committee, 1987-1988.

Member of the Advisory Board, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, 1986 - 1990.

Judge, Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair for many years and Judge, International Science and Engineering Fair in Knoxville, 1988.

Selected University Activities, Illinois State University, 1990 - 1997 Member, "Vision 2000" - the Academic Computing Strategic Planning Committee, 1993 - 1994

Chair, Geography / Geology Department, Committee to Revise the Applied Geography Program, 1992 -

Chair, Geography / Geology Department, Assessment of the Geography Program Effort, 1991 -

"Dam the Rivers or Damn the Dams," talk in the ISU Recreation Services Outdoor Program Environmental Series, October 27, 1993

Member, Geography / Geology Department, DFSC, 1995 -

Chair, LILT Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1994 -

Member, Executive Committee for Academic Technology, Provost Office, 1995 -

"Twenty-Five Years Later: Changing Perspectives on Natural Resources," talk in the ISU Recreation Services Outdoor Program Environmental Series, October 10, 1995

"This Century of Major Global Environmental Change -- What Have We Done and Where Do We Go From Here?" talk to Global Review, ISU, February 1, 1996

"Global Climate Change: What is Happening?" Mornings with Professors, May 1, 1998, Bloomington, Illinois

"War, Welfare and Weather: Maps in Society" presentation to the Seminar on "Past Matters: Re-thinking the History of Science, Technology, and Health," ISU, March 2, 2000