A study in aging in the life of James R. Carter

going back to soon after the end of World War II, I must have wanted to be a cowboy

but in reality I was a dedicated cub scout 

Then it was the boy scout uniform and then  a band man

Of course I was not an only child but have two younger brothers  together we have aged to  Ah, age adds beauty.

There have been times when it seemed appropriate to not shave on a regular basis,

as when I came back from Costa Rica in 1970 or in about 1984

younger and older views 

but subsequent years have been beardless and age is making me hairless.

And, a good view of the aged body was to be seen when I went body surfing in a stream in the Altai Mountains in Siberia, Russia, in the summer of 1998. I bet you thought Siberia was cold and bleak. Wrong.

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Come back in distant years for even more photos in my life.